The GoldCoin Website Network Is Furthering Decentralization

The GoldCoin Website Network Is Furthering Decentralization

GoldCoin (GLC) Serves Interested Investors With More Accurate, Accessible Information

BAD KISSINGEN, GERMANY,  – April 24, 2018 – GoldCoin is proving that decentralization means more than just strong blockchain software by expanding its web presence to a broader network of sites. This move should ensure that those in search of information will always be able to connect with a reliable, official source.

GoldCoin’s network will include three main sites:


The GoldCoin team encourages people to use any of these portals to stay up to date with the latest happenings and developments in the currency. The sites will also post interesting press releases, guides and news articles to help crypto newcomers and investment veterans find their bearings. This strategy should also help innocent investors steer clear of scams.

“Websites are like any other data services: Even the best examples aren’t guaranteed to have 100 percent availability or uptime,” said Johannes Mutz. “We wanted to ensure that even if one site goes down, we’ll still be able to answer people’s questions and provide official points of contact. We’re also building a healthy presence using various social media platforms and chat apps.”

Want to get involved? While all of these sites are being run by the core GoldCoin team, the community portal is open-source. Anyone can make suggestions about new information they’d like to see included by visiting its Github repo. The dev team and current community members will use this feedback to ensure that people’s questions get answered properly, maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio and steer the ongoing development of the cryptocurrency.

Unlike other coins, GoldCoin is migrating away from centralized models and welcoming user feedback from the community. The team is working to spread information further and get it into the hands of those who matter most: users and investors.

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