GOLDCOIN (GLC) versus BITCOIN GOLD: Which is the real new gold? - Goldman Sachs says crypto is not different from gold

GOLDCOIN (GLC) versus BITCOIN GOLD: Which is the real new gold? - Goldman Sachs says crypto is not different from gold

GREENWOOD, SOUTH CAROLINA — 4 DECEMBER, 2017 – GOLDCOIN (GLC), the cryptocurrency opportunist love, proposes taking a close look at BitCoin Gold to see which is closest to what the name implies.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Jeff Currie, global head of commodities research for Goldman Sachs Group, stated that cryptocurrencies are not much different from gold. “It’s even mined,” he added.

So which is the new gold?

Bitcoin Gold has had a rocky start. Although it has a huge market cap of $5,034,204,871, it can only make that boast because it was the result of a Bitcoin hard fork, meaning that every Bitcoin owner wound up with some.

Then, Bitcoin Gold mining has been rife with issues. “Bitcoin Gold miners also have had troubles with a mining pool not paying out and mining incorrectly using the official BTG mining pool,” according to a review published in Cryptovest on Nov. 13, 2017.

And the price of Bitcoin Gold is down to about $300, and has been hovering at that level for some time.

GOLDCOIN, the cryptocurrency for the opportunist, has undertaken a major upgrade of its network which will make it safer and better-performing.

GOLDCOIN is already one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies, having climbed from near-zero/USD in 2014 to $0.16 today.

Now consider GOLDCOIN (GLC):

As you can see from the chart, the price of GOLDCOIN (GLC) has gone from less than $0.5 cents to $0.20 cents in less than three years. What’s more, the price of GOLDCOIN has risen steadily during that time, and is still seeing upward pressure.

Traders have confidence in GOLDCOIN, it has stayed on the path pioneered by Satoshi Nakamoto when he or she first created Bitcoin.

“We have created a true equivalent to gold,” explains GOLDCOIN Systems Administrator Greg Matthews, “because we create value in the way a cryto-currency is supposed to. We provide a secure and powerful network with carefully managed mining.  This is why traders are buying in  to GOLDCOIN (GLC) in ever-increasing numbers.” 

And GOLDCOIN (GLC) has upgraded its network, and provided secure defenses against 51% attacks and ASIC threats.

Traders already value GOLDCOIN’s strong performance and solid infrastructure. GOLDCOIN  is already faster than both Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s in terms of confirmation times.

Further recent improvements include:

  • The creation of an IOS wallet will soon make it easier for traders to place funds in the crypto-currency.
  • The addition of three more top-notch developers to the GOLDCOIN (GLC) team.
  • The GOLDCOIN (GLC) roadshow, which will kick off in the Spring 0f 2018 with a Conference Tour that will allow the team to showcase our technology and new software to the crypto-currency industry.

Increasing Success with Traders

“GOLDCOIN (GLC) recently spiked above $0.20 for the first time, and this is because word is spreading that we are the best value reserve on the market. We are the true gold standard for this kind of opportunity,” Matthews concludes.

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