GOLDCOIN (GLC) Price Holds Close to $0.30 as Traders Discover a Great Store of Value

GOLDCOIN (GLC) Price Holds Close to $0.30 as Traders Discover a Great Store of Value

Traders stick with ‘hard money’ as Bitcoin plunges

GREENVILLE, SC, 4 JANUARY, 2018 – GOLDCOIN (GLC), the crypto-currency opportunists love, held in price through January close to $0.30, while Bitcoin plunged from above $20,000 to near $15,000.

Bitcoin Chart 1-4-2018

Traders moved strongly into cryptocurrencies, following the establishment of the Bitcoin futures contract on the major commodities exchanges. But traders promptly shorted Bitcoin, causing the price to plunge, while favoring strong business-case based cryptos like Ripple and GOLDCOIN.

GOLDCOIN (GLC) became so popular in late December that the Bittrex exchange had to shut down trading in it. GOLDCOIN (GLC) had, in fact, risen steadily in price over the past few years before the vast wave  of interest in cryptocurrencies in 2017.

According to Matthew Frankel, an analyst at Motley Fool, the reason for Ripple’s ($XRP) surging price increase is a result of it becoming a ”cryptocurrency with real, practical applications that could conceivably be used on a mainstream basis.”  For example, Ripple is already being used in a partnership with credit card company American Express. Because there is a solid business case for trading in Ripple, collectors are piling into it.

GOLDCOIN (GLC) is on the rise for the same reason. traders choose GOLDCOIN (GLC) because it is ‘hard money,’ following the path laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto when he invented the cryptocurrency concept in his original Bitcoin white paper of 2008.

“GOLDCOIN (GLC) provides value for all the reasons for which cryptocurrencies were created,explains Greg Matthews, GOLDCOIN (GLC) System Administrator. “It is on a robust network, which performs well and which is secured by powerful proprietary technology. So it is only natural that traders prefer GOLDCOIN.”

What makes GOLDCOIN (GLC) great is its technology. Its network confirms transactions five times as fast as that of Bitcoin, and has ten times the transaction capacity.

GOLDCOIN (GLC) has also undertaken a major upgrade of its network which will make it safer and better-performing, with three new skilled developers added to the staff.

“Security is ensured by keeping the fundamentals of blockchain and ledger as they should be,” Matthews continues. “We don’t do SegWit for example, (Segregated Witness, which would indirectly increase a block’s capacity to store more transactions than originally intended by Bitcoin’s founders).  We still have the original tiny transaction fee that originally was charged by Bitcoin – now it is much larger.

And the GOLDCOIN (GLC) network has been upgraded to provide better response than that of the original Bitcoin, Matthews notes. It also has reinforced security to guard against 51% and ASIC attacks.

GOLDCOIN will shortly consolidate its success: The GOLDCOIN (GLC) roadshow  will kick off in the Spring 0f 2018 with a Conference Tour that will allow the team to showcase the cryptocurrency’s technology and new software to the industry all over the world. Ahead of that time, an IOS wallet will be created for GOLDCOIN (GLC) – there are already wallets for Android, Windows and Linux.

“The move away from Bitcoin – largely due to its bad management – is starting. The move to well-managed cryptocurrencies like GOLDCOIN is just starting,” Matthews concludes.

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