Goldcoin (GLC) Client Hits the Scene With Major Improvements

Goldcoin (GLC) Client Hits the Scene With Major Improvements

GREENVILLE, SC, April 09, 2018 — GOLDCOIN (GLC), the cryptocurrency devoted to the founding ethos of crypto, is releasing a new network client designed to improve upon what’s already one of the planet’s most stable wealth vehicles.

What makes the client so distinctive? A few of the biggest highlights include

  • An HD wallet that uses single-root-key generation to create new addresses, dramatically simplifying user backup and restoration,
  • New remote procedure call (RPC) command support,
  • Bloom filters that improve the speed of the mobile app version,
  • Blockchain pruning that reduces wasted storage space,
  • Customizable fee estimation that makes it easier for wallet users to select an appropriate fee for their preferred transaction time,
  • Bug fixes that improve daemon stability for miners,
  • Free transactions, and
  • Timelock smart contracts that let users restrict the spending of certain coins until a specified future time or block height.

Thanks to its attention-grabbing goal of revolutionizing digital value stores, GOLDCOIN (GLC) has already built up one of cryptocurrency’s healthiest communities. With the release of the new client, the dev team is addressing pain points expressed by existing adopters and responding to the concerns of would-be traders.

“GOLDCOIN (GLC) has become the single most attractive wealth opportunity on Earth,” said System Administrator Greg Matthews. “The new features we’re releasing should serve to give traders more latitude to use cryptocurrency securely and safely.”

Although cryptocurrencies come and go, GOLDCOIN’s continuous focus on improving the system for end users bodes well for its future, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. With growing adoption rates and enthusiastic adherents worldwide, the new client’s and its features couldn’t have come at a better time.

GoldCoin is faster than both BTC and LTC in terms of confirmation times and features an innovative 51% attack defense system.

GoldCoin is Hard Money. A super secure value store and cash payment system for the New Digital World -built on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol. It’s the money of a new generation.

Goldcoin is a great name meaning “value” to billions of people Worldwide. Our multi-pool resistant client is innovative and secure with an 51% attack defense system. Goldcoin is a genuinely unique coin, not just another clone.

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