Adam Sharek Joins GoldCoin Team as Head of Exchange Relations

Adam Sharek Joins GoldCoin Team as Head of Exchange Relations

Adam SharekCalgary, Alberta – April 16, 2018 – GOLDCOIN (GLC) has kicked its mission of creating the world’s greatest form of money into high gear by tapping the talents of Adam Sharek, the team’s new Head of Exchange Relations.

As Head of Exchange Relations, Adam is proactively forging rewarding relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges to increase GoldCoin’s public profile, legitimacy and availability. He’s enthusiastic about making a difference in global economies by ensuring more people get access to crypto, but his constructive attitude isn’t the only asset that he brings to the table. He also has direct experience working with multinational companies, such as Quaker and Coca-Cola. As the founder of a successful real estate company, he’s also no stranger to building mutually beneficial professional bonds.

According to industry insiders, Adam comes to the GoldCoin team at the optimal time to help the growing cryptocurrency attain new levels of success. Although the currency’s developers have clearly devoted immeasurable time and hard work to creating a crypto wallet client fit to resist the ups and downs of volatile markets, exchanges represent another critical avenue of outreach. Adam’s formidable ability to forge strong business ties will prove essential as GoldCoin moves into the future and achieves true ubiquity.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are growing in number, and as they do, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to reach out to new traders. Adam and the GoldCoin devs firmly believe that engaging these platforms will mean revolutionary things for ordinary people’s ability to get involved in crypto freely. The team looks forward to redefining wealth building together as GoldCoin’s strength as a wealth vehicle inevitably swells.

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