How Goldcoin (GLC) Cryptocurrency Secures My Future

How Goldcoin (GLC) Cryptocurrency Secures My Future

As a stay at home mum I have been searching the internet for a stable source of income to pay the bills and take care of my family. I have come across so many income making opportunities on the internet and scams as well. To me cryptocurrency is one of the best source of income on the web.

I became involved with cryptocurrency not quite long ago. I had been viewing it from a distance in the past especially BITCOIN, I did not really want to get involved though i had some offers to buy it when it was cheaper. I was a bit skeptical of it a a means of  exchange. I know cryptocurrency is digital money which is meant to be used as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions and verify the transfer of assets as well.

I came across GoldCoin just recently and am excited at the idea of owning some of it, since I missed opportunity to get BITCOIN when it was cheaper. Am not really new to Gold, but new to cryptocurrency. Gold is a very valuable mineral resource and anyone who has it indeed holds a great asset. Gold is not known to reduce in value, rather, it increases with time. Am a Gold lover, I have quite a few, and I have sold few too.

GoldCoin is Digital Gold, it is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies in existence today which is designed by an unknown developer. GoldCoin is similar to Bitcoin in a way,it is one of attractions to GoldCoin. I am also attracted to GoldCoin because of first of all,the name is attractive being a great Gold lover. It is digital Gold, it is free, it is durable, it is hard money, it is fast. GoldCoin looks like a good project, a very good investment. It also has good acceptance and a very good community doing all they can to promote the project.

I believe GoldCoin will be useful in terms of being used as a means of exchange in financial transactions. Just as Gold increases in value, I hope that GoldCoin will be worth something great in the future hopefully even greater than Bitcoin. It is safer and easier to use than money stored in the bank. I want to be part of it and grow with the community. I hope to own some GoldCoin, perform financial transactions with it and tell others about it.

-Beatrice Akaeme