Goldcoin (GLC) Revolutionizes Traditional Spending

Goldcoin (GLC) Revolutionizes Traditional Spending

Christopher Benchtler
Christopher Benchtler

In less than five years after the discovery of gold in the Western Hills of North Carolina in 1799, the number of mines in the region increased from zero to 600. However, local miners quickly discovered vast the challenges of transporting the goods to the official mint in Philadelphia for processing into coins.

Determined not to let looters and logistics slow down the region’s gold rush, Christopher Benchtler had an innovative solution: constructing a private mint in Rutherford, NC. Miners from the Hills and beyond were eager to pay a small fee to have their gold mined into spendable coins so conveniently.

The locals were thrilled to use the shiny gold coins for bartering for goods and services, and Benchtler’s coins were the preferred currency of choice. Now, 220 years later a new kind of money is causing the western hills of North Carolina to buzz with talk of gold—a digital currency called GoldCoin.

And new team members, Mr. GoldCoin and Peter ‘Bushstar’ Bushnell, are bringing their talents onboard and helping the folks of Asheville embrace this modern day gold rush. Goldcoin (GLC) is going Globe and you might see Mr. Goldcoin anywhere in the world here soon!

Legendary Cryptocurrency Developer Joins GoldCoin’s Senior Development Team

Peter ‘Bushstar’ Bushnell
Peter ‘Bushstar’ Bushnell

A few months ago, when GoldCoin decided to develop a historic Reverse Bitcoin Hard Fork, there was no one more qualified than Peter ‘Bushstar’ Bushnell to head up the development team. Slated to roll out in 2019’s second quarter, the new GoldCoin blockchain combines the best of BitCoin Forks with GoldCoin.

This will allow for faster blocks, SegWit and Lightening, and accurate on and off-chain scaling. Thanks to his contributions along with the rest of the team, the GoldCoin network will quickly become a preferred digital currency in Asheville and the world!

Mr. GoldCoin is on the Move Around Asheville

If you see an oversized shining gold coin walking down the street or even hiking a mountain, then you spotted Mr. GoldCoin. Asheville is his new adoptive home and Mr. GoldCoin regularly makes appearances around town to make new friends and introduce them to the perks of getting in on GoldCoin’s action now.

Mr Goldcoin

He is filled with knowledge about the benefits of spending digital currency versus cash or credit. Much like the miner’s discovered, carrying money is still risky today, and cryptocurrency like GoldCoin makes spending your hard earned money easy and safe.

While he’s all about protecting your financial privacy and future, Mr. GoldCoin is an admitted selfie junkie who loves taking photos with folks for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, if you see him around town be sure to grab a pic and learn more about Asheville’s new digital gold rush!

Get GoldCoin Now and Build Wealth for Your Future

It won’t be long before GoldCoin is widely accepted in Asheville and beyond. GoldCoin is an innovative digital currency that has developed safe and secure systems that surpass most comparable coins. Always looking to grow, get on board now and watch your coin wallet start growing!