GoldCoin (GLC) is Now Accessible to Everyone

GoldCoin (GLC) is Now Accessible to Everyone

GoldCoin’s Intention

Some people would argue that GoldCoin does not bring anything new to the table, I disagree. GoldCoin has some very carefully chosen characteristics who, when all bundled right, make for the perfect virtual currency which is secure and fast.


Cryptocurrencies like goldcoin are meant to be peer-to-peer electronic cash, paying for goods and services is the intention, If this is not the case, it has practically failed.
In practice: I myself have used goldcoin as a medium of exchange, I loaded up some goldcoins onto my Android wallet, scanned my friend’s QR code, tapped on send, and it was received instantly. This is how it is meant to be used, and this is by far the most ideal situation when talking about P2P electronic cash. Therefore, one of goldcoin’s main missions has been accomplished.


Like stated previously, GoldCoin has some very carefully chosen characteristics who, when all bundled right, make for the perfect virtual currency. Features such as 0-confirmation transactions, on-chain scaling, an unique algorithm, a 51% attack defense system and many more features all work fluidly together. The whitepaper goes more in-depth about these certain features and everything else.

“I think cryptocurrencies are a lot like automobiles which all have four wheels, seats, and an engine. But like automobiles, we have specialty models. And Goldcoin is an appealing model that specializes in super secure value storage and efficient low-cost scalable transaction delivery. It really is the Gold Standard.” – Greg Matthews


So after all these intentions and improvements, what is there left to do? One of the main things you want to focus on for a project, and this goes for pretty much every project out there, is accessibility. Having an easily accessible project ultimately results in more adoption. This is why GoldCoin is now available on every single big operating system platform there is. We are talking about Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. All with friendly user interfaces and great performance. You can see a part of what we as a community have achieved by clicking on this link here, with the latest add-on, the iOS app. The iOS app gives another billion people access to GoldCoin, virtually none of the other smaller currencies have an iOS app, and we do.

GoldCoin as of now has gone rather unnoticed to the public, but I believe this will change sooner or later, people will search for quality coins and when they do, they will realize goldcoin is one of the good ones.

“GoldCoin is evolving into a high-value platform that offers a lasting foundation for the world’s financial systems.”